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Communications Taxation '23
Pre-Conference Half-Day Workshop
May 3, 2023

Power BI and Alteryx to Manage Data
"Hands-on" Workshop

Wedneday, May 3, 2023 -- 1:00PM - 4:30PM (Half Day)

3 CPE Credits

No additional fee is required to attend this workshop, it is included
with the conference fee.

Do you want to become efficient leveraging tools to Extract, Transform, and Load large data sets and proficient at developing and presenting Analytics for use in your tax department? This session is not a presentation but instead is a workshop in which you will work through an example exercise on your computer with coaching from our presenters. While you may not be an expert after the 3.5 hour workshop, you will walk away from this session with the confidence that you can learn how to generate world class workflows and analytics leveraging Alteryx and PowerBI programs.

Requirements for this session:

EY will be bringing laptops with the analytics software pre-loaded for the hands-on session.

However, we may not have enough machines - so we encourage you to bring your computer to this session with PowerBI (free from Microsoft with a Microsoft Office license) & Altyerx installed (free 30 day trial). That way you can take home everything you learned.

PowerBI Desktop is available for free from Microsoft using the following link:

Alteryx’s free 30 day trial is available for download using the following link:

Download the two datasets:

Lesson 1 - Telestrategies 1 - Telestrategies

SUT Analytics Data cleansed.txt: Analytics Data cleansed.txt

Led by:

Rudy Blahnik - EY Managing Director
Natalie Haynes - EY Partner
Steve Vitale - EY Senior Manager
Victoria Lam - EY manager