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Deloitte "Understanding Taxing" Pre-Conference Tutorial (Full-Day)

"Understanding USF" Workshop (Half-Day)

Taxation Party (Tue 5/5 - Sponsored by Avalara)

Conference Reception Party (Mon 5/4 - Sponsored by CSI)

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Communications Taxation '20
Pre-Conference Tutorial - September 21, 2020

"Tax Technologies and Automation
" Workshop

September 21, 2020 -- 1:00PM - 4:00PM (Half Day)

3 CPE Credits

There is no shortage of complexity today in the current indirect state and local tax arena.  As organizations endeavor to tackle operations in a multistate environment against an ever-increasing population of data generated, tax departments are being looked at to efficiently and effectively chart favorable, accurate and defensible solutions for their state and local tax needs. Technology/automation can be a tax professional’s new best friend to address these needs and this workshop touches upon various tools and techniques through several real life case studies that can be utilized to enhance the tax department’s success.

Presented by PwC:

Industry Panel of Case Study Speakers