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2023 Federal Networks Speakers (previous agenda - not confirmed for 2024)

Christopher Barnhurst, DISA

Caroline Bean, DISA

Bruce Begnell, State

Robert (Bob) Costello (CISA)

Michael Cornell, DISA

Paul Courtney, DHS

Lawrence Hale, GSA

Brian Hermann, DISA

Clare Hopper (Grason), U.S. Space Force

Jacob Marcellus, GSA

Tinisha McMillan, DISA

Danielle Metz, OSD

Llewellyn “Don” Means, DFAS

Laura Stanton, GSA

Rosa Underwood, GSA

Jeff VanBemmel, VA

Steve Wallace, DISA

Sharon Woods, DISA

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"Very informative"
- Avi Deolalikar
Lockheed Martin

"Excellent content and top notch speakers."
- Walter Henderson

"Good, deep content. Plenty of time for Q&A"
- Alan Thomas
Data Networks Corporation

"This conference provided very good access to industry executives, in both civilian and DoD."
- Jill McKinnon

"Great insight and information"
- Jimmy Lee

"Provides a snapshot of the strategic plans of the agencies for the next 10 months."
- Rodney Walker

"Great set of government speakers."
- Jim Soltys
Noblis, Inc.

"GSA session was a highlight."
- John Geraghty
The MITRE Corporation

"It is good to hear the government leadership's perspective on the current IT challenges and issues."
- Phillip Parmer
Sarum LLC

"... regard this conference as one of a small, select number of conferences, that I intent to support and attend for years to come."
- Annie Williams

"Warren's intro remarks are worth the price of admission every year."
- Robert Coulson
Harris Corporation

"Wide range of information from overall plans to innovative ideas being put into practice today."
- Rodney Pieper

"Kick off meeting was outstanding. Good structural analysis of market and participants."
- Michael J King
STG Inc.

“This conference is a great way to get an insight into what the government is working on and where they need contractor help!”
- YuHua Liang
Federal Sources

Federal Networks 2024

Federal Networks 2024 brings together senior decision-makers from key agencies across government to share their latest plans for how they will design, purchase and operate their networks -- as well as the IT services that these networks enable and deliver.

Over the past 37 years, Federal Networks has become the most important government-wide forum focusing on net-centric solutions to the government’s top challenges. Each year the program attracts the top technology officials from the Defense Department and civil agencies where they give attendees an in-depth look at how enterprise-level initiatives including Cloud, ZTA, Wireless Mobility, and JADC2 will shape the government’s next generation infrastructure and service upgrade requirements.

The reason leading defense and civil agency decision-makers take their valuable time to prepare focused substantive presentations is that they know Federal Networks provides them a direct channel to the senior representatives from industry who can mobilize the innovation, technology and talent needed to ensure success in government’s transformation to next generation network infrastructure and services during turbulent times.

We look forward to joining you next September 23-24, 2024 to help determine how the government, partnered with industry, will leverage the latest network and IT technologies to deliver tomorrow’s solutions. Please note that the program is structured such that day one covers “Civil Agency Network Requirements and Opportunities,” and day two focuses on “Defense Agency Network Requirements and Opportunities.” There is a registration option for either or both days.

If you have any questions, or are interested in speaking or sponsoring Federal Networks, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Warren Suss President, Suss Consulting and Federal Networks Program Chair
Dr. Matthew Lucas TeleStrategies Inc. (mlucas@telestrategies.com)

For information about sponsoring Federal Networks 2024 please contact Sarah Salko by email at: sarah.salko@sussconsulting.com or call 215-884-5900.

Federal Networks 2023 Conference Agenda

Previously Held in September 2023
Expect the 2024 Agenda to be Posted in July 2024

Next Generation Federal Networks and Services: Opportunities and Challenges

The conference chairman will identify the latest government marketplace opportunities as agencies across federal government and Defense Department agencies design, acquire, and transition to their next generation networks and cloud services. The presentation will discuss how evolving network, mobile, cloud and cyber technologies, as well as changes in the customer environment will reshape the competitive landscape for carriers, integrators, system manufacturers and professional services companies.

Warren Suss – President, Suss Consulting Inc. and Conference Chairman

GSA Introduction and Fireside Chat

GSA’s senior leaders will provide an overview of their federal customer requirements and GSA’s strategic direction for meeting next generation agency requirements for telecom, networks, and emerging technologies. This session will also cover how GSA manages its categories, their plans for managing telecom services, and the policies & technologies that will impact federal networks in the near future.

Laura Stanton - Assistant Commissioner, Office of Information Technology Category (ITC), Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), GSA
Jacob Marcellus - Executive Director (SES), Enterprise Technology Solutions, IT Category, GSA
Lawrence Hale - Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Category Management, ITC, FAS, GSA

The EIS Future

The Executive Director (SES) of Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS) and a panel of GSA network specialists will discuss the future the EIS contract.  The discussion will also cover how GSA will address Mobility and SATCOM Special Item Numbers (SINS) not under EIS.

Jacob Marcellus - Executive Director (SES), Enterprise Technology Solutions, IT Category, GSA
Rosa Underwood - IT Specialist, IT Security Subcategory, ITC, FAS, GSA
Loren Smith - Director, Solutions Development Branch, Office of Enterprise Network Solutions (ENS), ITC, FAS, GSA
Ward Fisher - Chief, Vendor Relations Branch, Enterprise Technology Solutions, ITC, FAS, GSA
Phillip Prestipino - Section Chief, Operations and Systems Management, ETS, ITC, FAS, GSA

DHS: Overview of Major Upcoming Requirements from Industry

The presentation will highlight high priority DHS requirements for industry cloud, network, and cyber technologies, solutions and services to support the effectiveness, efficiency and security of the DHS mission.

Paul Courtney - Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), DHS


Update on CISA Next Generation Priorities for Federal Cyber Defense

The Associate Director for Capacity Building at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will highlight CISA’s high priority requirements for industry technologies, solutions, and services to improve defenses against cyber threats to federal networks and operations.

Michael Duffy - Associate Director for Capacity Building, CISA

VA: End User Operations

The VA’s Executive Director of End User Operations will provide an update on VA’s strategies, priorities, and requirements from industry to provide an exceptional customer experience for the end users of VA products and services, as well as the Veterans and caregivers that VA serves. He will highlight technologies to enable VA to deliver self-service tools on par with top private sector companies and that will provide the best online experience in the Federal Government.

Jeff VanBemmel - Executive Director, End User Operations Office of Information and Technology, End User Services, Veterans Affairs

NASA SEWP Program Update

The NASA SEWP Program Director will provide an update on a key federal contract vehicle for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Audio Visual (AV) solutions and services. She will discuss the continued program enhancements and added value for both government and industry and provide a status update for the SEWP VI process.

Joanne Woytek - Program Director, NASA SEWP

State Department: IT Infrastructure Requirements Update

A senior State Department executive will provide an overview of his agency’s plans to provide a reliable and secure global network infrastructure vital to the conduct of diplomacy and international affairs for the Department of State. He will highlight his Department’s upcoming IT infrastructure requirements to support the nation’s diplomats with technology for innovative and collaborative processing and interaction, both internal and external, including zero trust architecture, cloud, messaging, text, voice, and video-conferencing initiatives.

Bruce Begnell - Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer, Bureau of Information Resource Management, U.S. Department of State

DISA Keynote Address

An overview of DISA’s most important initiatives, including the latest developments related to network infrastructure and upgrades, cybersecurity, cloud computing, Unified Communications (UC), and secure mobility. The presentation will also include an update on organizational changes and DISA’s budget.

Christopher Barnhurst - Deputy Director, Defense Information Systems Agency

DISA Update

Top DISA executives will describe the latest strategies and plans for the Defense Department’s networks, network services, and capabilities with an emphasis on upcoming requirements from industry. The presentations will cover upcoming DISA requirements for network infrastructure, services, enhancements, and upgrades; enterprise services; cloud services and migration; and cybersecurity.

Steve Wallace- Chief Technology Officer, DISA
Sharon Woods
- Executive Director, Hosting and Compute Center, DISA
Brian Hermann - Director, Cybersecurity and Analytics Directorate, DISA
Caroline Bean - Director, Joint Enterprise Services, DISA
Tinisha McMillan - Director, J6 Endpoint and Global Service Center (Acting), DISA


The Chief of U.S. Space Force’s Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Office will provide an update on how DoD plans to deliver COMSATCOM capabilities to support the joint warfighter, federal agencies and international partners.  She will cover requirements, challenges and innovative strategies for COMSATCOM solutions including Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) and EMSS Gateways.

Clare Hopper (Grason) - Chief, Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Office, Space Force


This luncheon keynote will provide an overview of JSP’s most important initiatives, including the latest requirements related to network infrastructure enhancements, enterprise services, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and the computing ecosystem. It will also highlight upcoming opportunities for industry to help JSP achieve its objectives.

Brig. Gen. Michael Cornell - JSP Director, Pentagon IT Director, DISA

OSD Information Management and Technology Modernization

The Director, Information Management and Technology, Director of Administration and Management in the Office of the Secretary of Defense will outline her office’s approach to the strategic modernization of the OSD IT enterprise to ensure the highest levels of DoD leadership have access to a modern, digital user experience to execute their mission. 

Danielle Metz - Director, Information Management and Technology, Director of Administration and Management in the Office of the Secretary of Defense

DFAS Information and Technology Modernization

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service’s Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology will outline his agency’s next generation initiatives for enabling the Department of Defense to uphold its fiscal responsibilities for all financial transactions, including payroll and accounting services, enterprise systems for financial transactions, and infrastructure support. He will also outline DFAS plans and requirements to ensure that all networks and transactions made through those networks are secure and cyber defended.

Don Means Jr. – Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology, Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS)

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For information about sponsoring Federal Networks, please contact Sarah Salko
sarah.salko@sussconsulting.com or by phone at (215) 884-5900