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Telecom Industry Overview: Largest Players, their 1000+ Smaller Competitors and Expected New Entrants (5G MVNOs, Amazon and more)

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The live webinar is open to past attendees of any TeleStrategies Taxation conference, current 2021 registrations or online subscribers.


The largest 10 Telecoms in the US have captured 80% of the market and the remaining 1000+  have 20% market share.  This session is for taxation professionals who are new to the telecom industry or need an overview update of the players, their markets, technology differences (a very high level view) and basically the services they provide that generate their revenues.

This industry overview presented is structured based on a five telecom service provider types:

  1. Top 10 US Telecoms
  2. Legacy Wireline Providers
  3. Legacy Cable TV Providers
  4. Mobile Wireless Providers
  5. Today’s Legacy Wireline Competitors
  6. Other Facility-Based Telecoms
  7. Disruptive Telecom Technologies and New Entrants

Specific learning objectives:

Presented By:
Dr. Jerry Lucas - TeleStrategies

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