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Communications Taxation '24
Pre-Conference Half-Day Workshop
May 1, 2024

"Understanding Generative AI" Workshop:

What is it? How does it work? How can it help tax departments? What does is mean for telcom services?

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 -- 1:00PM - 4:30PM (Half Day)

3 CPE Credits

This workshop is included with the regular conference fee.

Generative AI (GAI) is a bit over a year old, yet the technology has made profound impact across the tech industry. However most people don’t understand AI - how it works, what it is good at, what it is not good at, how it can help them and where the technology is headed.

This workshop will give a primer of generative AI platforms, looking at the key functional elements that make GAI disruptive; what it might mean for tax systems; and what it means for future telecom services, devices, partnerships, and the ecosystem.


Generative AI overview:
- Overview of machine learning technology
- Differences between ML/GAI platforms and traditional AI systems
- What models exist (e.g., ChatGPT, Bard, Anthropic)? What are the differences?
- Strengths and weakness of GenAI platforms

Key issues impacting tax systems:
- What are the key pitfalls, limitations, and issues of Generative AI platforms?
- Understanding how GAI/ML systems are trained
- Model alignment, hallucinations and accuracy issues
- Security and hosting/implementation issues
- Tax-optimized GenAI platforms, narrow AI implementations

Implications for next-generation telcom services:
- How generative AI platforms might impact telecom services
- AI-optimized cloud, connectivity, mobility
- Devices / integrations to watch - “glasses”, handsets, robotics, AR, cars, drones, AVs
- Pricing, taxing, service implications

Presented by:
Dr. Matthew Lucas - TeleStrategies

Dress is business casual.