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Deloitte "Understanding Taxing" Pre-Conference Tutorial (Full-Day)

"Understanding USF" Workshop (Half-Day)

Taxation Party (Tue 9/22 - Sponsored by Avalara)

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Communications Taxation '20
Pre-Conference Workshop - September 21, 2020

"Emerging Technologies and Compliance

September 21, 2020 -- 9:00AM - 11:45AM (Half Day)

3 CPE Credits

The Telecommunications Industry is constantly morphing, with emerging technologies enabling new classes of transport, software, machine to machine, support and other "non traditional" services.  The half-day workshop will discuss these technologies, the strategies to protect the carrier, and the lack of communication from the FCC and USAC providing guidance. Discussion will emphasize how to position specific technologies so that under audit a carrier may be better able to defend current tax policy.

Agenda topics include:

  1. Current and Emerging Technologies, their definitions, interpretations, and product offerings
  2. FCC and USAC definitions and interpretations of emerging technologies
  3. Current and Future regulations on emerging technologies
  4. How to position emerging technologies as protected products
  5. Audit defense positions
  6. Case Studies to include but not limited to:
    • USAC appeals of revenue statements
    • Enforcement Bureau Investigations
    • Reclassification of revenues for non-contributors
    • USAC Issue 499A filing audits based on carrier marketing sources
    • FCC Triage Demands including but not limited to amounts billed and paid for FUSF and total revenue by underlying carrier
    • USAC Inquiries of Private Line traffic
  7. Beyond the FCC: exploring Federal Trade Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, State Subpoenas, State Attorney General and Qui Tam Litigation and Notices against telecommunications carriers

Presented by GSA:

Jose Solana, President
Natasha Freeman, Director- Professional and Corporate Services
Samantha Maqueo, Executive Vice President- Professional and Corporate Services
Douglas Hoff, Director of Regulatory Compliance
Industry Panel of Case Study Speakers